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Everything’s better with Dove dark chocolate

June 26, 2008 at 6:52 am

Even title launches. And, in the highly anticipated goody bags Wednesday morning,  there were three dark chocolate beauties wrapped in red foil.  Add a pack of juicy fruit gum, a chocolate chip ganola bar, lifesavers and a pink rubber key chain thingee, and we’re ready to roll.

Not a bad idea to ply us with sugar if we’re going to sit for two and a half hours. That’s how long the meeting lasted, which is pretty good for us.

All kidding aside (or at least some), Michele and Allison, our super editors, presented some pretty great titles. I can’t reveal much but let’s just say there are lots of books slated for spring 2009.

Ok, so we don’t grow our staff but we grow our list. Good luck to us. More chocolate, please.

For a sneak peek, I’ll share some of the spring themes.  We’ve got relationship books about money, infidelity, and fathers and daughters.

We’ve got angry feminists, infommercial wisdom, happy divorces and cartoon memoirs. There’s mommy stuff before the baby’s born, when the kid reaches toddlerhood, and teenage bliss.

Belly fat and hormones. Hormones and menopause.

Let us not forget the Obama-driven titles. Expect some hope and a book of African names. Go Obama!

The subjects are diverse, timely, and sexy. The authors stand on impressive platforms. (There it is again) Media contacts and track records, associations with publicists, mailing lists, and decent sales histories.

This is the stuff that launch meeting manuscripts are made of.

Trying your hand at getting published?

Build your platform.

Make yourself irresistible.

While your waiting for that publisher to come knocking at your door (not), devote some time to cultivating these items of attraction. Increase not only your chances of being published, but your community of readers.

Then send them chocolate.


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