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From Australia: first time self-published author spills it…

June 27, 2008 at 8:52 am
 As a first time author I walk around with this perpetually uneasy feeling that I’ve forgotten something important. And as a self-publisher I don’t have someone to tap me on the shoulder and say “Now is the time we should be doing A, B and C.” Sometimes I wish I even knew what A, B and C stood for. 

So I’m sitting down at the computer this morning and I read that publicity for a book can begin 6 months before it’s released as that’s the lead time for media to decide to do articles… talk about the Galley in April for an article in October. I’m thinking whoa ….I’m submitting the final changes this week, so I’m a lot closer than 6 months away. You know if it was a wristwatch it’d be 11.59 am, when I should have been doing things at 10.00 am. 

It just reminds me of those awful dreams you have, where you are under-prepared for an exam (like no prepartation) and you’re on your way there and you catch the wrong bus. Of course you wake up before the end, but it doesn’t feel like a good night’s sleep. 

In fact I had my first taste of promotion last night in the strangest way. I’m an investor in a small but successful Biotech company that’s about to go public and they held an AGM for the small number of shareholders. Well you can’t get much smaller than this. I was the only one who showed up! 

So there I was with three presenters….the Chairman, CEO and Chief Chemist. We talked a lot about business projections and new patents and stuff like that, but at the end I thought why the hell not and said to them I wanted to present to them now. 

It was a strange feeling at first but of course my topic is universal and I discovered that scratch the surface and the line from the first page of my book is true……”Let’s face it we all openly or secretly love self-analysis” . There they were telling all about themselves, their ages, their wives etc, etc,. Did they fit the theory? Well the CEO was the most open and he certainly did. 

At the end they all said they’d like a signed copy. You know the company is probably going to go public at about the same time. 

When I’m there I’d like to share with you all this brand new system. It’s based on evidence not supposition and that’s what makes it so statistically strong. 

But I’m sure that when I go to sleep tonight there I’ll be……….catching that bloody wrong bus on the way to that exam again…..” 

from Neil Killion, first time author and retired management consultant/psychologist. 

Neil had his own outplacement company and turned his obsevations of literally thousands of clients into a brand new esoteric theory on life analysis. In his book, “Life Cycles,” The difference in Killion’s approach is that the theory is evidence-based and not merely attributed to the cosmos.

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