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Ziggy comes to HCI!!

July 29, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Speaking of humble men, I think I’ll talk about one who is very much alive.

Tom Wilson, THE Tom Wilson of the Ziggy cartoon strip and famous signature sat with us in the HCI conference room (you remember, the one without the clouds painted on the ceiling) to talk to us about the spring book he’s doing with us.

Oh joy!! Really!

It’s called “Zig-zagging” and will appear in a store near you in March ’09. It’s so early to talk about it that there’s not yet even a cover. And, I am blatantly breaking my cardinal rule about letting the book out of the bag too early. I even expressed my pre-publicity credo to Mr. Wilson. Forgive me.

This time, I can’t help it. I’m too excited!

I mean, it’s Tom Wilson.

I’m sure there are lots of Ziggy fans out there but having met his creator, I see the sweet attraction of the character comes from a genuine human heart.  Here’s a man who inherited an iconic cartoon character from his father, has achieved worldwide notoriety, and still comes across as a regular guy. Even self-effacing.

I guess Ziggy wouldn’t tolerate being drawn by a diva. 

And, we learned that, after 35 years, Ziggy earned the distinction of being a classic icon in the commercial sense of the word. My favorite part of Tom’s conversation was when he called Ziggy a cross between Forrest Gump and Peter Seller’s character in Being There.

Why would HCI be publishing a cartoonist? Are we coming out with our own Ziggy book?

Well, some years back, Tom had the misfortune of losing his wife to cancer and fell into a depression. In Zig-zagging he talks about how he came through this dark period, and with the help of his old friend Ziggy.

That’s all I’m going to tell you. Mostly, because that’s all I really know and I’m still working with the Bandler books and Jess McCann’s dating book and helping Staging Your Comeback gain more sales momentum –  among others.

I’m still straddling spring 08 and fall 09. I can be in three seasons at once with a sprinkle of backlist books here, backlist books there. Sometimes my head spins all the way around.

Remember, a little ADHD goes a long way in book publicity.

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