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A campaign of another kind

September 2, 2008 at 6:38 am

There are always a lot of able companies and freelancers for hire to help you reach large numbers of potential book buyers. I’ve hired and continue to hire some of the best in the business. In fact, it’s not unusual to have dropped 8K on an email campaign with two goals in mind: 1) catapult a book to bestseller status, and 2) SELL the heck out of the book.

I’m here to share with you the homemade version. A simple recipe for proliferating awareness and subsequent sales that could make anything from a dent to a huge impact on your book.

Case in point: Get the Life You Want by Richard Bandler. 

Keep in mind, because Richard Bandler has a huge following worldwide (being the ‘father’ and cocreator of NLP), this illustration is a tad grander than what you might be able to do. I would still let it inspire you.

Weeks back, at HCI, we devised a plan that would “go viral” and evoke critical mass as Get the Life You Want became available. We picked the week that Dr. Bandler would appear in Las Vegas for a free lecture (Sept. 5) and the week that his monthly newsletter would go out.

The tools needed for the project: 1) a good (e)mailing list; 2) a great letter; and, 3) plenty of books stocked at (which is the trickiest part of the equation). And, in Bandler’s case, some high profile colleagues with high trafficked websites.

The letter in question was from Richard himself. He invited his “peeps” to join with him to create a bestseller. In so many words. Naturally, before getting to that brazen point, he made a good case for why. Not to mention that the book has been highly anticipated, the author not having published a book in the United States for 10 years. So, the conditions were ideal. 

The next “call to action” Bandler requested is the clincher. Not only did he request the letter recipient to purchase a book or two or three on the exact dates of September 2, 3 or 4, he asked them to email the same letter (with their own personal note attached) to the recipient’s email list. Think about it. Multiply the number of people on your list and exponentially you could reach a ton of people

Oh, and the first 25 people to email (me) get an autographed copy of the book from the author. Another juicy detail.

In the case of this book, 500 NLP trainers were emailed twice. The NLP website ( carried the message of the book-buying week and also news of the Las Vegas free event. So did the websites of some colleagues. Twenty-five thousand people who get the NLP newsletter were informed of this campaign just today. This is where things really began to rock and roll.

Even though you’re reading this on Tuesday, as I write this on Monday, September 1, a day before the campaign should take hold, the amazon rankings are already stellar. The overall ranking is #56 and Get the Life You Want is #1 in Psychology & Counseling, #3 in Motivational books, and #6 in Personal Transformation. These all fall under the broader “Health, Mind & Body” category. Do I mind that people appear to have jumped the gun? Not one bit!

I’m ecstatic to see how the week unfolds. And, the best news…it’s a really great book!

Remember, when I toss around that trusty old term “platform” time and again (and again, and again, and again), one of the components of a great one is a healthy mailing list — meaning up to date, sizable and inclusive of names that are compatible with your subject matter. An “e” mailing list to be specific. If yours isn’t going to reach 25,000 people at the moment, just consider every opportunity  to try and grow your list. When you do so, just be sure that you get permission to send emails so you don’t find yourself in any legal situation over spam.

Every name you add can represent a host of others. Consider them recruits. But, be judicious with your lists and do unto recruits as you’d have recruits do unto you. Be considerate. Be kind.

Don’t be a pest. Make people look forward to hearing from you.

All my best!

p.s. don’t feel left out…it isn’t too late to join in the fun. See what all the fuss is about and get your own Bandler book from!

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    Not such an easy question to answer (your first thought being the best idea – “hire me!”) My first answer is,patience. Richard Bandler has been around since the ’70’s so that has something to do with his vast reach. You must put yourself in situations both online and in real life where large numbers of people convene. Post a lot on other’s blogs. Ask questions there to cause people to possibly write you back. Put yourself out there. More, over lunch. Just make some soup and I’ll divulge more!

    Comment by KimSeptember 4, 2008 @ 4:59 pm

    The first thought after reading your blog was “I wish I could hire you!” The second was” Why didn’t I come up with NLP?” Given that you have a day job and only offer your services as a coach and that Richard Bandler is the genius I am not, your blog left me wondering how I can develop such an extensive e-mail list. So many of the names and e-mail addresses I’ve gained through giving speeches now are years old. I wonder if they are even relevant at this time. So wise one, how does an up and coming spiritual fiction writer develop an e-mail list that zings?
    Your fan,

    Comment by Aimee BernsteinSeptember 4, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

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