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Publicity tip: transform your friends into your marketing team

October 28, 2008 at 6:55 am

Transform your friends into you marketing team? Bring your friends into your business? Personally, I’ve crossed that line once or twice with unhappy results but what I’m going to share with you is different. In this case, nobody will owe anybody anything. Simply, it’s a request to help you make your book a bestseller. Your friends can participate or graciously decline. No hard feelings.

You’ve heard of the infamous “amazon bestseller campaigns.” In the book marketing culture for several years now, it’s about creating a viral marketing effect in a particular time frame designed to stimulate people to buy your book at once. The more elaborate (and expensive) versions include the incentive of premiums, free stuff, to gain if you join in.

My version is less complicated and works best if you have a good size list of friends and colleagues. It’s really not recommended to include unqualified strangers in your campaign. There are spam laws that you don’t want to mess with.

Here’s how it goes. Let’s assume that this event will coincide with the launching of your book (congratulations!). Draft a letter to your audience announcing the birth of your baby book. Tell them about the book and very early in your letter ask them to join you in making it a bestseller. Who wouldn’t want to do that? (I trust you’re not including your enemies on your list)

Ask your friends to consider purchasing your book on amazon on a given day or range of days. The smaller the list, the better it would be to target a single day. Then ask them to do one better. Ask your new virtual marketing team to invite THEIR friends to join in on your behalf. There’s really nothing new here. It’s the classic, “tell two friends, have them tell two friends…”, etc. It’s just now we have our supercharged macs and pc’s to drive our point.

Feel funny ? If you do for a moment, that’s a sign of integrity.  I applaud that moment but I promise, it will pass. In my experience, friends and colleagues really want to help. Most of the time we’re just to afraid to ask. And you know the adage, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.” 

Ok, I’m done with little quotes and adages.

The last ingredient you might want to consider is offering some incentive to your friends and to their friends. Perhaps they’d like your autograph on their book. Maybe a paragraph or chapter in your next book (just kidding). Whatever you come up with, do something to make them feel appreciated. You could even hold a “watch my amazon ranking” party at your home or out somewhere. Make it fun. For those of you with huge lists, you lucky people, you might want to come up with some virtual event.

Think of the possibilities. Your viral friends campaign may turn out to have more impact than you’d imagine. And, especially when you time it during the execution of additional marketing tricks. Try to create a confluence (I love that word) of publicity and marketing events around the same time period. The goal being, expose yourself to as many people at once as possible. Sounds racy, doesn’t it? But, I kid you not. 

A lot can happen.

Your friends are still your friends and you have a bestselling book. They feel a part of it and everybody’s happy.

Life is good.

If it were only that simple.

Best wishes and ask me questions if you’re looking for more details You can also ready about this campaign in my posts about Richard Bandler’s book, Get the Life You Want.

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