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Sunset of an amazing week

January 23, 2009 at 7:29 pm


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Gettin’ ‘Ziggy’ with it – or – building a better book campaign

January 22, 2009 at 10:24 am

Remember when I gushed about getting to work on the HCI book written by the  Ziggy comic strip character’s cartoonist? Well, that was long ago and far away, the summer of 2008, when I had just met Tom Wilson, cartoonist extraordinaire. Fast forward to the year of Obama and voila, Zig-zagging: Loving Madly, Losing Badly — How Ziggy Saved My Life makes its debut in a bricks and mortar or online store near you.


March to be exact. Except for the lucky fans who will attend the NY Comiccon convention in NY on February 8th. They will get to meet Tom Wilson and get his memoir a month ahead. You graphic novel freaks and comic book collectors might want to consider hot tailing up to the big apple. Apparently, it’s a wild show.

What I want to share with you what I think is a pretty good story about  birthing  a book and nurturing towards bestseller territory.

Let’s start months ahead with getting Barnes & Noble and Borders to agree to special promotion of the book upon its release. Good job Kelly and Sean! That could mean, a front of store or new release table deal. Dollar for dollar, my boss would invest in an in-store promotion hands down over any publicity smoke and mirrors event.

As store promotions are being negotiated, I’m parlaying advance exposure for the book to the trade via “Author Buzz,” one of my favorite publicity tools you’ve heard me sing praises about in earlier posts. This will reach thousands of booksellers and librarians ahead of publication so that they might consider ordering Zig-zagging for their respective venues. Then thousands of readers are notified when the book is out.

By now, I’ll have also sent out advanced reader’s copies (ARC’s) of the book to trade and targeted media. All to allow them to prepare their stories and other media coverage in plenty of time beforethe book hits the shelves.

Nothing like an available book when someone hears or reads about it. Remember, never trust the attention span of modern man. Trying to entice people about a book before they can buy it is usually not wise. It can cost you sales.

Now for my lethal mix:

Send out a galley (aka ARC) mailing  DONE

Book Author Buzz – DONE

Send author to NY Comicon in February – DONE – book media interviews while there

Book a review in Publishers Weekly -March – DONE

Advertise in n RTIR (Radio-TV Interview Report) in March – DONE

Conduct a 20 site blog tour interviewing the author in March – DONE

Send author to Barnes  Noble, Borders and Independent stores in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania in March -DONE

Book author on The 700 Club – early March – a national show reaching millions – DONE

Book an audio interview on Sky Radio Network, the audio programming on American Airlines flights for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH (with a little mention in the magazine for good measure) DONE

Make mentions of the book on social networking sites and create a YouTube video – ALMOST done! (of course, you can help me here FB buddies!)

And, the best news is: we’re sitting pretty here in the last weeks of January with time  to land some more potent media hits before the March launch. Oprah can you hear me? Regis? Barbara?

So, you see. It’s about creating a lot of “noise” in a concentrated period of time. The intention is to first crack the trade layer, get them to buy into the book, then move along to the public one. When that happens, you want to make sure that your public bumps into Zig-zagging every time they turn around.

Is this a formula for guaranteed success? Let’s just say that NOT doing this would guarantee the opposite.

Are you with me?

It’s timing. It’s planning. It’s the divination of the sun, moon and stars lining up. It’s the calculated flow from editorial to sales to publicity to the bestseller list. Ok, the last item on that list is wishful thinking.

This is a pretty nice model at this stage of Zig-zagging’s publicity campaign. Check in in about a month or so and I’ll give you an update. We’re banking on some more media magic. Oh, by the way, did I mention that it helps if you’ve got a great book?

Who doesn’t love Ziggy? I certainly don’t want to know that person!

In closing, I’d like to excerpt a direct quote from Ziggy, from Tom Wilson’s new book: “Ah, caffeine…the powder of positive thinking”

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A president who embraces language, and books, what a concept!

January 21, 2009 at 8:00 am

Today, I am one of a zillion bloggers emoting on their virtual pages following the momentous day of presidential inauguration. And, as friend Becky says, “and, he can even dance!”

Dancer or not, any lover of language (not to mention peace and prosperity) is doing their own dance while letting out enormous sighs of relief that we, once again, have a president who can speak. Not with some made up accent, not with some made up words, but with true beauty and eloquence.


Another friend was not as impressed as I was with President Obama’s inaugural speech. He said, there was no “ask not what you can do for your country…” level phrases but I beg to differ. I think the speech was peppered with many. My personal favorite which he addressed to the world being, “judging on what you built, not what you destroy.”

I love that.

And, the graciousness in which the president waited for Justice Roberts to correct himself (although many thought Obama was being forgetful). I can only imagine how many times Obama rehearsed his part.

Two days ago Michiko Kakutani of The NY Times wrote about how Obama cherishes books. I like that in a president. It’s refreshing to have a role model in office. There are so many reasons that he is that model, but being a thinker and a reader is pretty great. Especially since brains went out of fashion for about, oh lets see….was it eight years?

Hopefully, we won’t hear any more about  intelligence masqueraded in that evil cloak, elitism. Perhaps, the newly curious will look up that word and see that it equates with “the best.” Intelligence, best, even the audacious label, “elite”, I also like these things in a president.

I really feel good about knowing less than my president. Being older than him? That feels a little weird but in a good way.

There’s so much more to say, but time restraints must stop me here. Now I must go and promote the heck out of books with more vigor than ever.

Sure, my job depends on it, but so does the world, accordingly.

p.s. what about Michelle Obama’s dress???

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Coming out of the flu

January 18, 2009 at 8:01 pm

It’s now day four of the unmistakable, no-kidding, stay-in-your-bed flu. Lots of sleep. Lots of peeking out the terrace door. Lots of reading. Lots of emotional writing.

Ailing in the penthouse - eastern view - poor me

Ailing in the penthouse - eastern view - poor me

Too many trips from the bedroom to the computer. I am officially addicted.

12 steps here I come.

Am I a technoholic? A computerfobe? Emailatic?

I no longer simply attend to an email message here or there.  I now, skip about three email addresses, two social networking sites, my blog, and then of course, the most fun place, Sitemeter, where I can monitor my blog traffic.

Sad, I know.

What’s most frightening is how involuntary all of this has become. I have to admit that I feel an itch or pang when I’ve been away too long. Is there a shrink out there that can save me?

Today I followed a friend’s suggestion and turned the computer off. (For one hour) Impressed?

The biggest irony is that I’m making this confession to you. And, where? In front of the same seductive screen. Oh, how it calls to me.

Can you feel the cabin fever in my words?

Suffering in the sky - eastern view - poor, poor, pitiful me

Suffering in the sky - eastern view - poor, poor, pitiful me

But today was a joyful one in the world. They threw an awesome concert for our beloved Obama which I was unable to access. Not only do I not subscribe to HBO or have a ghost channel for it on my cable system, I couldn’t watch Bono, Sheryl Crow, or my hero Stevie (Wonder) on my Mac. Yes, that’s right. Even after paying for some conversion software, I missed it.

But, I am reading a good book. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls which I will be discussing with my new book group. We now have a total membership of two. We may grow. We’re not sure we care.

So, listless or not, I am dragging this tired body to the workplace tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m past the infectious part. I am ready to rejoin the living.

Ever just have enough of yourself?

I do have to thank B. for his soup delivery, DVD’s and company. Hope you’re immune.

It’s a fabulous, history making week we have ahead of us. I can’t remember a time in my life where the collective feeling of hope was so palpable. We all deserve this respite from corruption, graft and subversive governing. Wish we didn’t have to witness our new president playing clean up for someone else’s tremendous mess. There’s so much potential out there, it’s a shame we/he has to start from further behind than could have been.

Oh, well. It looks like we have the right person to manage it.

We’ll all have to help in any way we can. Keep our spirits high and look out for each other and that includes the rest of the world.

We have some ‘splainin’ to do Lucy!

Have a great inaugural week.

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Remembering a dear friend, and a very big soul

January 18, 2009 at 9:18 am


Patrick McCarty, January 21, 1947 – January 18, 2008

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