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Want to see some fancy (publicity) footwork?

January 27, 2009 at 5:20 am

Is it all worth it? Does the media really respond to our queries, pitches and on our knees begging?

The answer is YES!

Does our blessed media coverage sell books?  Only the book gods know for sure.

Here are some recent conquests for some of the HCI titles that I work on. Keep in mind, though, that much of what you’ll see was either a collaborative effort between author and publicist (moi), or hired pr agency, or a gift from heaven. Have a look:

AARP’s coverage of HCI superstar author, Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy behind STAGING YOUR COMEBACK. Note: AARP magazine has the largest circulation in the WORLD! He was selected as the stylist for their annual makeover contest and the results and the coverage are amazing.

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins

And, on the true crime side of life, our author Roger Deann Kiser got some very nice attention¬† in the hometown newspaper of Jacksonville, FL, The Florida Times Union. The stories are centered around Kiser’s book, The White House Boys which unveils a long kept secret about a boys school in Marianna, Florida. That secret has opened up a legal investigation of alleged atrocities that went on there in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Anderson Cooper will be covering this story on his show on CNN in 2 weeks and much more coverage is expected. (Click for second story in Time Union)

Roger Dean Kiser

Roger Dean Kiser

Ok, what else do we have in the publicity hopper. Hmm. Speaking of true crime, there is a VERY advanced mention of Getting Through My Thick Skull by Mary Jo Buttafuoco appearing this week in InTouch magazine, a national celebrity rag. And, we’re patiently awaiting a review in Publishers Weekly (PW) for Zig-zagging, the Tom Wilson cartoonist memoir.

Here at HCI, we’re a little miffed at how Oprah overlooked our hormone experts (again) but we’ll get over it. Whenever I see Suzanne Somers getting all the limelight, I have mixed feelings. I’m glad she’s enlightening women around the globe about their health but I get a little “sour grapish” since a lot of what she espouses comes from her mentor and former physician, Dr. Diana Schwarzbein. A brilliant endocrinologist, ahead of her time, Dr. Schwarzbein seems to stay under the radar.

Too bad. She’s the pioneer of all this Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BRHT) stuff, or at least, one of them. Her Schwarzbein Principle books still find their audience but not at the national bestseller or Oprah numbers. Like I’ve said before, celebrities really need to encroach upon the literary landscape like accountants need to star in made-for-tv-movies.

Sorry. At least Suzanne Somers acknowledges Dr. Schwarzbein in her books and vice versa. (Bring her on Oprah with you, will ya?)

I digress.

Until next time, may your makeovers be rejuvenating, your true crime stories  solved and brought to justice and above all, may your hormones be balanced.

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    I follow your blog and just wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Schwarzbein. I love, love, love her stuff and hope with all this new Oprah-inspired focus on hormones that some way, some how, Dr. Schwarzbein’s voice will reach a wider audience.

    Comment by Jacqueline TourvilleJanuary 29, 2009 @ 11:55 pm

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