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It’s a quarter to Valentine’s Day — and an audio book just might do the trick

February 11, 2009 at 5:30 am

It’s a quarter to Valentine’s Day. Love is allegedly in the air. In between all the tail chasing over our jobs and lives, I suppose. But, we romantics always have a space for amore no matter what the climate. No?

My friend and colleague, Arielle Ford, sent me the perfect tool to set the stage for this weekend’s blessed Hallmark holiday. It was her book, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction and since she was out of hardcover copies, she kindly sent along the audio version. Oh, good, I told her. I’d begin the business of attracting my soulmate during my 40 mile roundtrip commute to work.


The first words I remember hearing from my Toyota speakers went something like this: “promise me you won’t do the exercises while driving in  your car.” Well, ok, I promise not to close my eyes.

All week I’ve felt like Arielle was in the car with me as she narrated her book. Her writing style is very conversational so it really sounded like she was riding along and talking to me. Anyone who knows Arielle, and now those who don’t, are keenly aware of her own success at attracting her soulmate, Brian, probably one of the planet’s most delightful humans. I consider that fact a pretty valid testimonial for the subject matter.

Not that I want to get too personal in this little ole blog of mine, but I’m certainly not sporting my own personal Brian right now, so I was all ears. I’ve heard a lot of what the book contains before, done some of the exercises in the book, yet how the author organized the information is another example of Arielle’s genius brain. She knows how I admire her and her smarts. (and her generous spirit, of course)

The Soulmate Secret has inspired me to start ripping through magazines for pictures of hunky men, homey domiciles, and other suggestions of romantic bliss. I’ll be writing letters to “him,” burning letters to the former “hims” and hang pink ribbons tied around pink quartz crystals in the relationship corner of my bedroom. I’m also ready to sink into an intensely salted bathtub and bid lingering energy from the past a very sweet and long overdue goodbye and good riddance!

No hard feelings. Really.

We’ve all heard of visualizations but Arielle goes one better. She advocates “feelingizations.” I’m a touchy, feely kind of gal so feelingizations work just fine for me. More than once I’ve felt a little handicapped during a guided meditation when my visualizing muscle didn’t kick in.  When I was supposed to see lavender laced rainbows, I often saw random blobs of gray and blues for a much less spectacular show inside my head .

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Arielle in the car. Even the suggestion of entertaining a soulmate  for the duration of the cd’s uplifted me. The point I really wanted to make when I began this blog is, I had such fun listening to the book that I now want a real record of the exercises I heard so I can perform them correctly. This means, I’m going to go out and buy a copy. Or, at the very least, hit the amazon button.

Good job, Arielle. I think you’re going to inspire a lot of people with your new book. I’m proud to have a story of my own in your Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul book and hope that by the next edition of your “soulmate series” that I’ll be newly equipped  to contribute something juicy.

It’s a quarter to Valentine’s day and, if you’re listening  Mr. Soulmate, I’ll be at the Krishna Das concert in Miami on Saturday night. You’ll recognize me. I’ll me the one with the matching soul.

I’ll be sure to show it.


Om shanti.

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