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My blogging dilemma

June 26, 2009 at 7:18 am


There are many people around me who are aware of my current state of confusion. I’d rather not give the details about what I’m confused about in my personal life but I’m starting to see the confusion seeping into my happy little blogging world. Once a safe and cozy place for me to express myself and set free my creative juices, my precious bloggy is becoming something else.

My blogging dilemma: Do I take the advice of experts who I am lucky to have in my virtual corner and constantly feed my blog audience practical information? Statistics show that my readership swells when I teach or demonstrate a thing or two about this publishing game.

Or, do I protect this online sanctuary and keep it strictly as my outlet to muse, cajole and generally dispense words and more words for the sake of words themselves.


I know, the obvious answer. I can do both. Or, why not keep separate blogs for separate causes.

That sounds tedious.

When blogging in any shape or form costs big chunks of time in my day do I want to double that?

Not really.

Should I have “Fly on the Wall” Mondays, iphoto Tuesdays, and I don’t give a rat’s patutti on Wednesdays?

You see? I told you. I am a confused person. Some people close to me tell me that confusion is a place of familiarity and therefore, comfort for me. How could I ever admit to that? That would be the stuff for an analyst’s couch (or in my case, a shaman healer’s tepee).

Facebook tells me I’m right brained (after all, they are authorities on this, arent they?) so I must be creative. But, my colleagues and my pocketbook tell me to pay attention to the other side. Follow formula. Tweet this many times. Have this many Facebook friends. Comment on other blogs.

Just writing that exhausted me.

I am the reluctant entrepreneur. I am the gentically pre-disposed artist. I rather sing and strum than sweat over a hot computer.

Am I just lazy?

I think you know what I’ll do. I’ll keep writing about the writing business and I’ll keep sharing my thoughts about the world as we know it. How I know it. Or better said, how it confuses me.

So, I’ll leave you now and get myself a salad for lunch. Or maybe it’ll be soup today. Maybe soup and salad.

That’s it. Soup and salad.

Publishing information and blog content  “beyond” .

Guest bloggers? Save me from myself. Write in and share your wisdom with my audience.

We welcome you.

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    I think trust your instincts, follow your heart, and whatever you choose to do or not do, make the choice from that spirit of adventure and fun and joy that makes you so special and unique. Any other type of action will be a counter-productive use of energy anyway.

    “Experts” be damned! (wink) YOU are your own best expert.

    Comment by BarbaraJuly 25, 2009 @ 4:41 pm

    I think it’s evolving with us. But I do know I’m not interested in reading 5 ways to slim your thighs in competitive blog posts. So I have to write as I’d like to read, I guess.

    (I do have Tips on Tuesdays…so, I guess I will give that practical information there.)

    Comment by Christopher HopkinsJune 29, 2009 @ 9:55 am

    I came to your blog because I want to learn mnore about publishing and book marketing – I’m a first time indie author and my book, “Buckley’s Story – Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher” is due out this fall. I’m highly motivated to market my book and I want to learn from the experts. That being said, I also enjoy your more personal posts (after all, your blog is titled “Kim Weiss Talks Books and Beyond!”

    I think that by offering a small window into your personal world, you’re going to build trust among your readers. Besides, sometimes it’s just fun to share something personal. I try to strike a balance on my own blog, “The Conscious Cat,” between presenting my expert knowledge and sharing a glimpse of my personal life with my readers, and so far, it seems to be working.

    I thought about doing the “Manic Monday”, “Tell me about it on Tuesdays,” “Wordless Wednesdays,” etc. routine other bloggers do, but then what happens if I have something soothing to say on a Monday, or I actually have words I want to share on a Wednesday???

    I’m not much for structure, I prefer to go with inspiration. I say as long as you keep blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, you can blog about whatever you’d like to blog about on any given day (just as long as you still share publishing industry information every once in a while!).

    Hope that lunch of soup and salad was enjoyable.

    Comment by Ingrid KingJune 28, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

    I found in the early stages of my life that there were oh so many things that could distract me. My own little ‘Short Attention Span Theater’. At one time I hated that about me. I’d come home from work after a day of getting virtually nothing done, irritated with myself. I would catch sight of my face in a mirror and suddenly I was all over me. I’d have to pull me off.
    As I got older my outlook on the business world and the type of people who were in it slowly began to change. I began to realize that I really didn’t want to be like them. That’s when I truly began to embrace the distractions.
    Now, on any given day I might write for two hours, work out, tweet an hour or so, cut the grass, answer emails, cook a meal, write for another half hour, take a phone call, clean the house . . . . you get the idea. I wander aimlessly from one thing to the other.
    In the old days I would be mad at myself for not writing eight hours a day and then doing all those other things, but these days I find that I like me. A lot! So, I cut myself some slack. The first part of my life was full of schedules and completion dates and STRESS! No more!
    No one has sent me a schedule, but I’m feeling pretty good. I believe I have a few years left. Maybe, if I’m lucky, quite a few and I’m damn well going to enjoy every second. And all of the distractions.


    Robert A. Mathews

    Comment by Robert MathewsJune 26, 2009 @ 1:09 pm

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