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5:30 am and it’s cold green tea for me – today it’s a HOWARD day!

July 28, 2009 at 5:43 am

Yes, it’s cold green tea (with kombuchu for my immune system) on the 32nd floor of NY’s Millennium Hotel.  They don’t even have room service this early. I’ll take my caffeine however I can get it and yesterday’s leftover tea will have to do the trick.

Blew dry my hair with no goop. No gel. No mousse. Just electricity against dead protein. You’ll see in the pictures I post later just how it turned out. Blonde straw is my guess. At 5:30, it’s hard to say.

First thing for MJB this morning is Fox & Friends. Poor little author, having to be chipper at this inhumane hour. And, speaking of inhumane, we’re then off to Howard Stern’s show. Every time I mention this to anyone they assume a worried look on their face and suggest that’ll he’ll rake her over the satellite radio coals. Mary Jo has endured a lot (understatement) but one thing I’m pretty sure of, it won’t be the  wrath of Howard. They go back a long way  and are friends.  Historically, she told me, Howard’s been a bit of a champion for her. We’ll see what happens this morning. As you can imagine, this star-struck publicist (I feel like Walter Cronkite saying: “this reporter”) is exactly that.

I’m psyched.

Time to finish up the morning assembly process in order to make my 6:00 am lobby meeting with”the talent.”

And, what a trooper she is.

Back later.

Until I have time to actually post photos – here have a look on my flicker photo link:

(paste it in your browser!!)

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