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First day of the week, second airport. Mary Jo, here I come!

July 27, 2009 at 6:34 am

Reporting in from Palm Beach International airport where the air is rarified and the clothes are all Lauren. Never saw so many sweaters tied around necks in one place.

I’m keeping this short and sweet. It’s day one of the week and Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s book tour in NYC. It’s my second attempt to get to here for the blessed event. I gave up last night after sitting for 7 hours in Ft. Lauderdale airport (where the air is about average). The consequences for my impatience (what?) is that I won’t be there to escort Mary Jo to Good Morning America.

Drat. I really wanted to be there.

I’ve left my author in the good hands of Justin Loeber, ace pr guy, who’ll I join up with, hopefully, at The View (please, God!)

In the meantime, I hope you saw the fabulous article written about Mary Jo Buttafuoco complete with video and everything, in yesterday’s Newsday, Long Island’s very impressive news source. Go there and put in Sunday’s date (7/26) if it doesn’t come up right away.  (http:/

I’ll be back in short spurts. Later!



It’s been more than a short spurt and all the syncing and mobile me-ing and emailing has given me a stiff neck. Could be worse. Just woke up from an exactly 480 second nap and am orienting myself towards tonight’s stint with dear Jane on her Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell Show. Should be very cool.

But, first let me reflect on the wonderful world of The View this morning at the ABC Studios. (Pictures to come when I figure out the mobile me function of my mac-techno-pack.) My plane landed early, I hot-tailed to 66th and West End Avenue, scurried by the long line of audience people and blew into Mary Jo’s dressing room. Justin was there having brought her from GMA as was her darling beau, Stu.

What a doll. Stu and Mary Jo are like teenage lovebirds on an extended prom weekend. Together they’re delightful. I need to get me a Stu!

Mary Jo was perched on one of those high backless wooden stools being painted and puffed by one of GMA’s makeup artist. All the while, she was being interviewed by producer Rachel who was doing all the last minute prodding and probing needed before Mary Jo went out to join the “View ladies” at their infamous table.  Lo and behold, in an adjacent dressing room was the American Idol hottie himself, Constantine. He was going to be on the next taped show talking about his Broadway Show, you know, the one about the rock scene. Rock of Ages, it’s called, maybe?

Got my picture taken with him. I look like my mother and specifically when she’s doting over a young man forgetting just how old he perceives her to be. I look a little creepy in the picture but I’ll share (when mobile me becomes mobile “we.”)

Mary Jo, as you probably saw on the screen, looked gorgeous. The consummate California girl, tanned and “sun-bleached” blonde, they might have thrown in a surf board or played the Beach Boys when she strolled onto the stage. Well, maybe not, but the NY transplant to the left coast sure looks like one of the natives. (Are there native Californians?) Ok, I’ll get back to the show.

Mary Jo more than held her own. She quipped back at Joy Behar in perfect timing and referenced her book at every opportunity she could find. Good girl!! Not to mention how the show kept the book on the ladies’ table and showed it nice and big on the screen more than once. (The formula for making a publisher happy)

Graceful as can be, Mary Jo did her TWO SEGMENTS like the pro that she is. Having lived through an ordeal that was unreal, how very real she is is surprising. A family woman who cares about her kids and wants to keep other women from falling into the trap she fell into. She’s kind of a a sociopath repellant.

See how creative one becomes with very little sleep?

We celebrated the day’s accomplishments over a wonderful Mediterranean meal somewhere midtown called Milos. Delicious food in a chic, New Yorky atmosphers, and as soon as we finished dessert and took our last sips of decaf coffee we ached for naps. Except for Justin. Sorry, guy!  Off to the hotel for a much needed breather.

I leave you now in preparation for tonight’s interview on HLN with Jane. She and MJB have met before so it should go well. Dilemma, did I bring enough outfits? Can I show up in the same frock I wore this morning? Does anyone care for God’s sake – I am the publicist aka invisible woman.

That settles it. It’s the blue jersey top and jacket.

Maybe different pants.


p.s. until I can post these myself, why not fish around on the GMA site and also the View to see what you might have missed today…

pps. pardon my typos today…….

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On a clear day, you can see the marina…

July 26, 2009 at 8:37 am

...and every other day, as well.

...and every other day, as well.

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Back to Beyond – Fredda’s hummingbirds

July 25, 2009 at 8:22 am





by Fredda Psaltis

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Just the facts m’aam – Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s media tour schedule

July 24, 2009 at 10:45 am

Mary Jo Buttafuoco presents “Getting It Through My Thick Skull” next week in NY. Here’s the media and in-store list of appearances.

Monday, July 27:
ABC-TV Good Morning America

ABC-TV The View

HLN Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Tuesday, July 28:

FOX-TV Fox & Friends

XM/Sirius Radio and Howard Stern TV – Howard Stern

Air America Radio Network -Montel Across America

NPR-NY Leonard Lopate

Wednesday, July 29:


FOX Good Day NY

CBS Early Show

Thursday, July 30:

CW 11-TV “Pix Morning Show”

News 12 Long Island

In-store author appearances at:

7/29 B&N – 2289 Broadway @ 82nd Street, NYC – 7:00 pm – Live interview by Dr. Robi Ludwig

7/31 B&N  – 91 Old County Road, Carle Place, NY – 7:00 pm – Live interview with News 12 anchor, Judy Martin

8/1 Best Bargain Books – Patchogue NY – 10:00 am

8/1 Coscto – Westbury  NY – 12:00 noon


click here

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From my terrace to you – happy Friday!

July 24, 2009 at 5:06 am






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