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Day 4 on the tour- what about those New Yorkers??!!

July 30, 2009 at 6:21 am

Reflecting on last night at B&N – more coming after morning tv today:

Mary Jo Buttafuoco being interviewed by psychologist, Dr. Robi

Mary Jo Buttafuoco being interviewed by psychologist, Dr. Robi

Hey, what about those New Yorkers. You know how you always give your author a pep talk on the way to a book signing event telling them that book signings are a bit dicey these days and even the most famous authors often show up to an audience of empty chairs? Well, not last night at the Barnes & Noble event at 82nd St. & Broadway with our fair Mary Jo Buttafuoco! Throngs of people came out in the rain to see her talk about Getting It Through My Thick Skull amidst a rainy, rainy night stuttering with thunder boomers. It was a full house, every seat taken and by a very engaged and attentive bunch of people with dripping umbrellas and protective plastic wear.

The scenario was a bit different. Rather than our author standing at a lectern giving her spiel and then asking for audience questions, we had a newsy kind of set up. Dr. Robi Ludwig, of Today Show fame, a psychologist and author of a few of her own books (google her, I don’t have time right now for links – off to CBS in 15 minutes and have to pack), interviewed Mary Jo at a table in front of the crowd. Having an expertise in crime and insider knowledge of sociopathy, Dr. Robi asked some probing and pertinent questions. Mary Jo, who I’m learning is now verging from very smart to brilliant in my book, fired back with great answers.

She amazes me. Throughout this whole tour, MJB comes out with something I haven’t heard before in each and every interview. I have, however, offered to be her understudy should she lose her voice or want to sleep late.

And, another aside, remember, when you’re in her company, try not to say things like:

“the producer said they’re going to ‘shoot’ you at 9:00 am”


“as I re-read the email, I pulled trigger and hit the sent button…”


“”Have you ready any good books by Nabakov lately?”

So, you see, a book tour makes the publicist punchy. Tomorrow when I return to my own bed, I can’t wait to sleep in! Six forty-five sounds like noon to me. Just don’t expect me to make sense if you call me on Friday. My brain is scheduled back in the office on Monday.

Barnes and Noble was a delight. We were tickled to have Mary Jo’s editor, Michele Matrisciani and her strapping (& smart) hubby, Matthew in attendance along with HCI’s good buddy and attorney, Bob Solomon. I missed Michele’s new Danny baby but am told he’ll be flown to Florida especially to see me soon (not!)

We’ve already been to WPIX -TV in the building where Superman was shot. I have many pictures there, too, which I’ll post. I’m off to CBS and will be back later. Have a great day! Here’s a link to last night’s photos:



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