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Angels on Earth

August 16, 2009 at 8:18 am


Somewhere between Pluto and the earth

Angelic beings manifest into tangible creatures

As miniscule as palmetto bugs and large as kangaroos

White feathers on some, the spectrum of rainbows on others

They come with songs inside of beaks instead of lips

Feet with claws and webs instead of toes

Divinely designed to share the planet with the rest of us.

They are a constant reminder of heaven on earth

The birds keep us mindful of our divinity.

Ancient lore professes that some are of bird tribe origins

Our beak-like noses give us away

Round eyes and feathery hair.

As I observe the winged creatures I see restlessness

I see presence

And I see joy

Darting from tree to tree, perch to perch, cage to cage

They are perpetual motion

Rarely pausing in any one place but to sip water or crack a seed open

The feathery clan are angels on earth

It is nearly impossible to experience anything less than joy around them

They are contagious

Look among your friends

Look for the ones with boney noses, their darting eyes

The ones who can’t sit still

Better yet, see how they handle their food at meal time.

If you find some debris on or around them even on the floor beside them

Show them a sign of recognition

The old ancient avian wink.

Then look for droppings.

You’ll know.

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    Beautiful! Love the photo. Looks like my son, Mikael – the dove.

    Comment by Margaret Ann lemboAugust 16, 2009 @ 9:21 am

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