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Reporting in from Dr. Phil taping…first installment

August 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm

It’s going to be short and sweet, folks. I have an iphone full of photos and may or may not get to download them before my return from LaLa land to home sweet South Florida.

What a day!

If there was a case study for the perfect exposure for a book, today would fit the bill. Dr. Phil, whom I’ve often scoffed about in private, gained new respect from me today. Instead of my image of a bellowing taskmaster, I saw the gentle giant that the infamous talk show host can be. Today, Dr. Phil revealed to me his inner angel. Ok, maybe not angel, exactly, but in my jet lagged, under-slept mind, I found the Phil-ster to be fair and compassionate.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN broadcaster and host of the daily show, “Issues”, was on the Dr. Phil hot seat and got to glow like a warmly lit lamp center stage for the entire hour of his show.


Second to Jane’s presence was her book, iWant, now available on amazon and soon to be in a store near you. ¬†What I really saw today is this – Jane IS the book and the book IS Jane. One of the reasons the conditions were so ideal on the taped program is that everything Jane spoke about corresponded to the content of her book. And, she didn’t in any way have to force that to have it happen. She is passionate about the issues she brings to light and is a walking, talking embodiment of their expression and the work it takes to deal with them.

Today it was mostly about alcoholism and sexuality. The first leading to the second. By that I mean, her recovery process with alcohol caused her to become more honest in many areas of her life and in the area of sexuality, this meant coming out as a lesbian. She spoke her truth as openly on Dr. Phil as she does in the book and happily, she received a very warm, fuzzy reception from both the host and the audience.

You’ll have to wait a few weeks before the show airs but count on an amazing hour and we’ll count on a ton of books being sold. If a show like this doesn’t sell books, sign me up for the donut making business.

And, I don’t even eat donuts.

My favorite part of today was the after show celebration which we shared at one of Jane’s favorite vegan haunts on La Cienega. Green drinks, cornbread to beat the band, a mexi-cali salad and expresso as the punctuation. Four of her friends joined us along with my former boss and dear friend Gary Seidler and we laughed ’til our ribs hurt.

The stories I could tell.

You’ll have to coax them out of me when we run into each other.

But be sure to bring your bribe.

If not money, dark chocolate has been known to get me to spill it.

Photos coming soon.

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    Beautiful. It’s always so nice to have an open heart to everyone…. OK, BEST dark chocolate in the world is Holy CaCao from Israel (Commander Zander), it’s amazing and gourmet, the truest nuances of chocolate. It’s the only chocolate I eat now. I have no idea how you’d get it in the US.

    Comment by LayaAugust 27, 2009 @ 12:53 am

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