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August 25, 2009 at 6:45 am


It’s Monday night. You’ll be reading this on Tuesday if I manage to get my thoughts from head to screen. It was a freaky day looming with a never ending stream of emails talking about how we should be talking about what we’re talking about. See how that sentence made you a little uneasy? Multiply that by infinity and you’ll get the picture.

That’s the venting part of my post.

What I really want to share with you is by the end of the work day on Tuesday (today), I’ll be flying Delta west through to the great state of California and specifically to LAX. Non-stop coach flight for the purpose of attending a tv show taping of one of my (HCI’s) authors.

This time it’s HLN star, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and she’ll be gracing the stage of the Dr. Phil show talking all about the “issues” in her new HCI title, iWant.

I’ll arrive on the left coast (does anyone hate that expression more than I do?) at 9:00 pm and ready myself for the big event the following morning at 9:00 am. Jane’ll be a big part of the show. I won’t reveal just what the subject is but I’ll give you this much information: her ex-husband and an ex-lover will be joining her for her Dr. Phil moment.

And, yes, it’s already cleared that the book will be shown, that Dr. Phil will hold up the book and say where you can buy it, and that the title will be repeated throughout the segment.

That’s all I need to keep a smile on my face.

I won’t say much more except that the show is slated to air somewhere around October 5. (see how it works?)

What I will say is that I’ll do my best to return with some nice iphone photo shots to share with you. I’ll let you know if Dr. Phil is as scary close up as he is on tv. If he shouts as a matter of course or if that’s just an act. I’ll snoop around and bring back some “behind the scenes” dish. Maybe I’ll even work out a sign that I can give so when you’re watching the show you’ll know it’s me. How? Who knows, but I have many hours to ponder such things while flying.

I’m your trusty fly on the wall and I promise to bring you back something good.

In the meantime, watch Jane’s show on HLN and catch the clever promo she’s been doing on her book at the end of each show. Why call that clever? Jane’s ranking on amazon BEFORE HAVING A BOOK is better than most titles that are on the market now.

Clever as a fox.

Look forward to some new adventures.

Signing off.

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