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Fly on the wall – what to do when the media runs out

September 30, 2009 at 2:02 pm


The scenario is this:

You’ve traveled to several cities on your media tour. Your reception was golden. The sun rose after you left the hotel and you yawned your way into another Lincoln town car.  Somehow you were completely alert for your morning television interview and your concealer did a fabulous job on the circles under your eyes. And, from all the interviews you did from your hotel room by phone, your left ear feels flat as a pancake. The icing on your media tour cake was the coverage  you had on national tv . The cherry on top was national radio.  Big web interviews were the sprinkles.

You did it. It was a whirlwind few weeks, but you did it. Suddenly, life seems too quiet. The phone isn’t ringing like it was, no one’s making  your bed and cleaning your room every day. Room service is now an occasional gift from your spouse after you beg him for a glass of water. Maybe there’s a cookie thrown in there somewhere. If you have a moody “get it yourself” kind of  spouse, I apologize.

You’re now on the non-public phase of your media tour. What to do?

Hopefully, the publicists you’re working with at your publisher’s office or the one you’ve hired still has some tricks up their sleeves. But, for the most part, it’s pretty clear – I hate to use this expression — you’ve shot your wad.

Ok.  Brace yourself. There’s still much to do.

Even though you might have heard what I’m about to tell you before, it’s really important to integrate this into your restored, normal life. For now, you primarily, are your own publicist.

My focus here is to recommend that you explore establishing a page, a group, a fanbase, on Facebook that is in addition to your personal one. If you have a book, name it after your book. If your book has a specific message, that can be your alternative.  If you’re not FB savvy, employ someone who is. That means your daughter, your son, a college student, an intern, a hired hand – whatever. You must do this.

The benefit of having someone help you with this is that they can stay on board to help grow  your audience. In fact, make that a requirement when hiring them. I recommend tooling around Facebook to see what others are doing. Especially look at authors’ pages. Not only will you find innovative ways of presenting yourself, you’ll also bump into a variety of virtual events that these authors have organized. People are doing “virtual book launches” and a variety of other activities on Facebook.

I know that this is broad brush measure of social networking advice but for now, I’m just going to say – get busy!!

Inevitably (hopefully), you got people’s attention when they saw you on their local news or on the Today Show. Probably they’ve tried to reach you and if you have a website, perhaps they did.  It’s time now to parlay that initial interest with new growth. Depending on your subject matter, you may be engineering your own club, or even a support group. There’s a lot of possibilities in how this can turn out.  Work on creating critical mass.

Because, once you got the critical mass, you might actually make some sales.

Best wishes.

p.s. I’ll be your fan!

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    Funny you post this because I have been busy for a few weeks now working on my own facebook group called none other then “Living For Today” Haven’t yet started to invite anyone in until it is standing tall.

    Comment by Erin MerrynSeptember 30, 2009 @ 2:58 pm

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