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To blog or not to blog, that is the question

September 21, 2009 at 9:49 pm

It’s been a while since I paused for an existential moment to reflect on the keeping of this little blog. Some weeks the writing flows like wine and I think there’s no better way (other than making music) to siphon the creative juices.  However wonderful those posting bonanza days can be, there are nights like tonight  when “what’s the point”  flashes across the blog void that is my mind.

So sad.

Or is it? I’m before this screen with something other than sunset iphotos for one reason. I’M FINALLY STARTING TO FEEL HEALTHY. A snap in the morning and a snap in the evening of my breathtaking view was all I could muster while sequestered in my little home – balls of kleenex strewn about my floor. There was nothing to do except snap, sniffle, sneeze and snooze. And, lots and lots of mindless tv.  After days of doing my “field work” and catching up on the tv shows that sometimes matter in my publicity bubble, I graduated to all HGTV all the time. I recommend it. Even if you have no chance of renovating, no room for more furniture or knick knacks, and above all, no cash for home improvements, HGTV is a soothing balm for the beleaguered brain.

I have to say, tatoos and all, I’m a little intrigued by Antonio, the winner of the Design show that elects winners. You know the one. Oh, yeah, it’s called Design Star.

As I write all of this I feel the void shrinking away and stimulation not far behind. I’ve pretty much committed to blogging about things mostly in the book-o-sphere but sometimes the rest of life just takes precedent. Especially when you’re sick.

I just came out of 5 days of keeping myself from infecting other humans and keeping myself company. I’m pleased and a little surprised to report that it was okay. Except for the sick and listless part, I had a pretty peaceful existence here in my ivory tower. A few little birds, one ailing, too, and my sentry, Mochi the cat, and my quarantine didn’t suck.

I will give a shout out to the special friend who saved me with chicken soup and the other with a scrumptious piece of home cooked salmon.  You guys rock. (You see? My vocabulary has degenerated from lack of use and too much plasma screen time) I even kept tabs on football scores.

Today I spent most of the day in the office and started catching up with stuff. Things were less hectic than I anticipated. I’m grateful for that.

So, I am very happy about the void that screamed “what’s the point” when I sat down in front of my imac. Perhaps the point is that there really isn’t one and that’s just fine.  Being meaningful can be so draining sometimes.  Always having a point, a lesson, a tip, something to take away with you is not always possible.

It’s healing time and I’m working my way back to you (babe).

Keep coming back. There’ll be points again.

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