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January 30, 2010 at 2:48 pm


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Etre the Cow — too popular — not enough reader’s copies!!!

January 28, 2010 at 12:23 pm
Hey fun seekers, you responded so well to our message about Sean Kenniff’s ETRE THE COW,  the delightful existential parable,  that we have no more advanced reader’s copies to give away.
Don’t dismay, look for the book in April, (or before!) or in the meantime, feel free to pre-order the book on amazon.
I’ve got a feeling about this book. It might be the next Who Moved My Cheese, or Animal Farm, or…after you read it, you tell me!!
In any event, there’s a good chance you can help make this gem a best seller.  Wouldn’t that be terrific?
Thanks for your enthusiasm! And, don’t forget to send in your comments here and/or to

...our next NY Times bestseller!

...our next NY Times bestseller!

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To be or not to be — a cow, that is

January 27, 2010 at 11:30 am

“This is a story about a cow” is what’s printed on a blank page before chapter 1. “Or not” is on the page that follows.

It’s hard to talk about ETRE THE COW, a little book that’s coming out from HCI in April, but it’s harder not to talk about it.

So there, how’s that for putting some ying and yang into your day and making you scratch your head.


It’s written by Sean Kenniff, a physician who lives in Miami with the notable distinction of having been one of the first “castaways” on the Survivor series. Post-survivor, Kenniff’s been a tv journalist and radio host.

From his head comes this existential parable written in the voice of a self-aware but lonely cow named Etre.

“With night the cows  fold their legs and slump down in the grass to sleep like dogs.  I fight to not do the same and instead walk between the broads and the bulls, following fireflies through the darkness. For certain fireflies know nothing of fences or chewing grass or staying put. Fences don’t figure for fireflies. They know nothing of this pasture business. They are simple, but they are free. If I had wings, Farmer Creely and his boy would see I don’t belong here; I’d fly high above these cows and these fields and then I’d light my bottom.” (p. 24-25)

Etre speaks through the entire book and although he never finds understanding among the others who share his pasture, we feel for him and his powerlessness over his circumstances.

We are taken from life in the pasture to the inevitable place where cows are killed without mercy. Frankly, there were pages in the book that I had to skip so I wouldn’t be haunted throughout the day. If I hadn’t been on a primarily vegetarian diet for three decades, I would never have been able to put another piece of beef in my mouth after Etre.

It’s not about becoming meat-free. It’s about pushing limits and challenging destiny. It’s about different things for different readers. That’s the beauty of Etre the Cow.

The book is a mere 128 pages with a killer cover (no pun intended). The editor on the book says it’s the project she’s most proud of in her career.

I’m pretty sure we have a special novella here. One I think worthy of sharing before it’s on the bookstore shelves in April.

I’m willing to give away a few free copies to start an early buzz going. Won’t you join me?

For a free advanced reader’s copy of ETRE THE COW, send me your street address. You can send it to me at: All I ask in exchange are a few words about how you felt about the book.

Be my guest.

Etre the Cow

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Sunday – sailing on the surf – an iphone video view

January 24, 2010 at 2:01 pm

turn down your volume (the wind is so noisy), sit back and enjoy!

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iPhoto respite – takin’ a break

January 21, 2010 at 11:56 am





Rashi, of book fame: The Ultimate Bird Lover (anonymous toe)

Rashi, of book fame: The Ultimate Bird Lover (anonymous toe)

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