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Words to the wise…have a listen!

January 20, 2010 at 10:50 am

Remember I told you that I was interviewed on Joanne McCalle’s radio show, “Your Brand with Joanne McCall?” It took place on January 8 and I’ve finally gotten it together to share it with you.

Have a listen. Hopefully, you’ll find something helpful in it (if you’re an author, a would-be author or involved in publishing in some other way).

Or you can just enjoy  my operatic voice marred by the sultry sound of a sinus infection. In any case, enjoy and I’d love to hear what you think!

If you missed the click on above, try this:

Happy day!

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Someone beyond greatness…RIP

January 18, 2010 at 4:55 pm

We have a very sweet book called, Something Beyond Greatness: Conversations with a Man of Science & a Woman of God in which light is shone on a few exceptional human beings who have dedicated their lives to world service.

One of these remarkable people lost her life in the tragic Haitian earthquake last week. Zilda Arns Neuman, known as the Brazilian “Mother Teresa” had just given a speech in a church before it collapsed.

A Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Arns Neuman  founded a charity in Haiti, called the Children’s Pastoral. It aided  children, pregnant women, and families. CNN reported that she was back in Haiti attending a religion conference and teaching classes to organization leaders  in Haiti when the quake hit.

When asked by authors Judy Rodgers and Gayatri Narain what advice she would give to someone who came to her saying they wanted to dedicate their life to serving humanity. She replied (pg. 96):

“Such a person has already gone halfway by even asking such a question. Now is the time to ponder how precious his/her life is. Life is a thing not to be wasted. Such a person must ponder over violence and inequality, over how much God means Love. Then they will experience the feeling that God has given them the capabilities to become an instrument of peace, justice, and solidarity. Love fulfills life”                             Dr. Zilda Arns Neuman

This was a woman whose career was inspired by pictures and movies of missionary doctors working with destitute people with malaria and of children  who played in sewers. She could have bypassed the humanitarian work and opted to become a successful pediatrician in Brazil.

Luckily for the people she helped and those she inspired, Dr. Arn Neuman chose a selfless path.

It’s impossible to find words big enough to utter when it comes to this colossal act of nature. It almost feels pointless.

Life is not a thing to be wasted. Zilda Arns Neuman’s was one to first salute and then learn from.

May her memory live on.

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Healing prayers for Haiti

January 15, 2010 at 8:08 am


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When disaster strikes…contemplations of a guilty publicist

January 14, 2010 at 8:13 am

What can I say?

When one of my authors was bumped for a non-news story about a kid who turned out not to have flown away in a homemade balloon, I was furious. But when CNN opted to attend to the immense earthquake crisis in Haiti and cancelled some coverage about a book I’m working on, I felt differently.

Real news. Real tragedy and real life issues is what the media is built for.

Media, or rather, news, wasn’t initially designed to help us sell our products. There’s a name for that kind of promotion and it’s called “advertising.” We exchange a few dollars to earn a few dollars. It’s clean, it’s clear that’s what we’re doing and there’s no reason to fashion our product as a newsworthy item.

Not that it isn’t. But, a sale is a sale is a sale.

When it comes to books, there’s the paradox of looking cheap by being a part of certain kind of ads at prices that publishers balk at and that could quickly deplete their profits.

The big publishers spring for some print ads in consumer media for their big name authors with proven track records. We do contribute promotional monies to trade pubs to display our wares before going to market.

Generally, though, we rely on news stories to carry our messages which we think will eventually send book readers to the stores or to their favorite computer vendor.  Only a certain segment of books are candidates for literary review, and as I said before, advertising is typically outside publishing budgets.

It’s a delicate situation how we rely on publicity to save the day. We can pour our dollars and months of labor and planning into campaigns that disappear at the drop of a tsunami.

What do we find ourselves hoping for when this happens?

Situations like the earthquake and Haiti can challenge our personal sense of ethics. Feeling slighted because a crew chooses a natural disaster over our author’s take on how to have better sex or bringing more balance to our lives can be almost embarrassing.

We (or I) really don’t want to admit that we’re disappointed. We’re good people, we want our media to serve us as they were meant to, with stories that matter. With stories that have the potential to save lives or prevent future disasters.

We all want our day in the media sun. An appearance on certain tv shows or space in some papers and magazines can bring a company’s bottom line from red to black.

It’s that tenous sometimes.

So what do we do?

We keep on keepin’ on expanding our reach and exploring to avenues for exposure. We grow mailing lists, Facebook friends, network our little tushies off.

We wait for traumas to pass, which we hope for anyway, and hope for a slow news day where authors can pontificate about their books to a gigantic national television audience.

In the meantime, I’m proud to see that the folks that spend time doing some of this online exploration are turning towards influencing people to give money and donate for the Haitian cause. For helping people locate missing loved one.

It’s another way that this new technology works. More people can be reached in a shorter amount of time for the good of others.

I’ll be fine with taking a backseat to hard news this time.

In fact, I’ll use my network to be a part of the healing solution.

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What the heck’s been going on?

January 8, 2010 at 1:35 pm

…and happy new year to you, my patient readers!

Truth be told, I’m writing a book.  If not a book, my early morning ritual of writing before the sun rises could ultimately be called a journal. Either way, it’s the place where my writing energy has been focused.

Apparently, I don’t have has much in the way of fuel for writing as I hoped. Thus, my blog has been neglected.

Here I am today, though, to bring you up to speed about my doings and meanderings in the wild world of book publishing.

I’ll do an overview and follow myself up with details in subsequent posts.

Most exciting news of the day: Going Rouge has been requested as a prop for a scene in the new tv show, The Good Wife.

Love that.

Our young author, Taylor LeBaron who wrote a book about losing half of his body weight, Cutting Myself in Half: 150 Pounds Lost One Byte at a Time, is appearing on The Today Show on Thursday, January 14th.

The co-author of Living Well With Bad Credit, Chris Balish is going to do a stint involving his book on Dr. Phil. Probably, this will air in early February.

A team of contributors to Brace for Impact, also survivors of the legendary Hudson-bound US Air Flight, will be taking part in numerous events in NY commemorating the anniversary of the crash. On January 14 and 15, they’ll appear on Good Day NY, Fox & Friends, Keith Olberman, Joy Behar, and Inside Edition.

And, I’m also jazzed that two of my stories were published along with a photograph in our new book, The Ultimate Bird Lover. (Remember when “tweeting” actually meant tweeting)

Ultimate Bird Lover

We’re off to a smashing start for 2010 and even more excitement than I can’t  talk about is underway. The only tidbit of information  that I can reveal has to do with a book series rolling out simultaneously with a reality show!

Laurie “Crazy Aunt Purl” Perry’s got a new tome designed to make you laugh and knit better, Home is Where the Wine Is, and Jess McCann (You Lost Him at Hello) is getting married.

Oh, my friend, colleague and mentor, MJ Rose is having a tv show launch in February based on her book, The Reincarnationist. The show will air on the Fox network starting February 11 and is called, Past Life. Is that not the coolest thing ever? I will dedicate more time and space to discussing the evolution of book to tv show at a later date. Maybe MJ will give us a few words herself. In the meantime, mark it on your calendar to watch the show.

There’s so much more to tell and so little time do to so. There are many more juicy titles that I haven’t mentioned and events surrounding them happening this year.

I’m not sure why, but 2010 already feels a whole lot better than last year and we’re not even half-way through the first month.

Here’s hoping that your year is prosperity-filled and that your creative juices will run rampant!!

Stay tuned and stay in touch!

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