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BEA in 120 seconds – or speed dating for book people

May 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Twitter’s got its 140 characters. I’ve got my BEA (BookExpo America) down to a 120 second science. Unfortunately for some, and happily for others, that’s all anyone gets from me at the big, bad festival of books.¬† First I was comparing my already challenged attention span to that of half-a-gnat’s, but now I know it’s a series of 120 second communication gigs that I’m doling out (which sounds better than two minutes, don’t you think?)

It’s kind of like speed dating for the bo0k publishing inclined.

Being the day after the 48 hours of perpetual motion– of both the jaw and the legs– I’m going to be brief here. I am sitting at my office desk but not for long. In just a little while¬† I expect my head to be enjoying an afternoon siesta pillow at home in my much-missed bed.

To anyone out there who tried to engage me in a normal conversation at the Jacob Javitz Center this week, I apologize. I hope the hug you probably got from me will make up for the lack of real intelligent contact.

We will meet again soon, I’m sure, but most likely right here on this very screen. Maybe a little on the phone (you remember what that is, right?) However, and whenever, I promise to spend more than two minutes with you.

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