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Gather ye pet writers while ye may

September 10, 2008 at 7:01 am

Here’s something different.

For all of you who write about the furred, feathered and finned set, there’s a special conference being held for you this coming February. In the glorious Big Apple, you’ll be able to rub elbows with the elite from both the publishing world and the pet industry.

I think it’s a great idea. (on most days, I  prefer critters to humans)

cameo appearance by darlin' Mochi

cameo appearance by darlin' Mochi

Personally, I love pushing pet books. I get to work with some pretty talented folks like Gina Spadafori, Dr. Marty Becker, Darlene Arden, Allia Zobel Nolan, Carla GenenderPatty Lawson and now, conference organizer and pet expert, Charlotte Reed.

Just like any other part of publishing, for pet writers, it’s a jungle out there. (I know,  I know…)

So, why not take tips from the likes of Dick Donahue from Publishers Weekly or Susan Canavan from Houghton Miflin Harcourt?  See how to work with an literary agent with Beth Adelman.

It’s the first The Business of Pet Writing Conference on February 7, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Radisson Martinique on Broadway 49 West 32nd Street in New York City.

It really sounds grand.

All this during the same week as the Westminster Kennel Club show. You know, the Olympics of dog showing. (Can we ever forget the movie, Best in Show, chortle, chortle) I’ve never been but have drooled over many a pedigree pup on tv. (And, have been amused by many a dog handler in her calf length skirt and flat shoes running around in a circle)

Rumor has it that one of the hosts of the esteemed show will be stopping by.

So, if you’re interested in learning about: Pet Book Selling and Publishing; Negotiations and Book Contracts; Tips for Having a Succesful Working Relationship with an Editor, How to Find the Right Literary Agent for You and Your Book; or, Writing Book Proposals, you may want to hot tail it to Manhattan (in my book, the center of the universe).

For more information, email: or call:  212-631-3648

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When you’re quoted in the Chicago Trib about Sarah Palin…you know your platform is showing!

September 8, 2008 at 6:34 am

I’m so proud of one the authors I work with. He’s steadily becoming, the “go to guy” for beauty trend stories. That includes being quoted on matters concerning the presidential political race. Have a look at what Christopher Hopkins aka The Makeover Guy said in the Chicago Tribune (a nationally recognized daily):

Sarah Palin’s updo is a mixed bag. The bangs are modern: not too thick and nicely swept to the side. But the bun, to us, screams “tiara holder.”

“It doesn’t look presidential, or even vice presidential,” said Christopher Hopkins, author of “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45” (HCI Books, $22.95). “Hair pulled back can be very sophisticated, but the way she’s doing it is more Frederick’s of Hollywood, like ‘I’m going to pull my glasses off and let my hair down and look sexy.’ “

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, come on…ya gotta love it!

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, style trend expert

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, style trend expert

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Day #2: The ‘other’ campaign aka “Bandler watch”

September 3, 2008 at 6:38 am

Reporting in from “Campaign Bandler.”

Richard Bandler, father and cocreator of NLP

Richard Bandler, father and cocreator of NLP

At 8:40 pm ET, Tuesday night, the eve of day number two, the overall amazon ranking for Get the Life You Want is #43. Earlier today, it went as low as #33. It’s sitting pretty at #1 in the Psychology category and the reported sales for the past three days are very impressive.

Another boon to our campaign happened today when a Bandler fan released an email blast to an additional 30,000 people. Next, he plans to blast an even bigger list to promote a teleseminar with Dr. Bandler. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

How else are we supporting the big Bandler week? Remember, a campaign is made by not one promotion alone!

We’re running a blog ad campaign spanning this and next week to a number of heavily visited blogs. You can take a peek at one of the ads because it’s positioned on one of my favorite blogs and the favorite of tens of thousands of visitors daily, . (Love ya Laurie!) Look at the right column on her blog page and scroll  about midway down. If you don’t see the ad flashing, you’re missing out on some good hi tech stuff. (the blog ad campaign was put together by another fave, MJ Rose)

Radio interviews in Las Vegas, mentions on many online gathering places for NLP’ers, even a mention on will help keep the momentum going. And, soon to be followed by what comes from an ad  in an upcoming issue of Radio-TV Interview Report,

Next stop, Barnes & Noble, Borders, the above ground book world.

My computer was bookmarked all day to Bandler’s book. Probably will be tomorrow, too.

The adrenalin rush is palpable.

I need to put on Richard Bandler’s “mind spa” and recharge…. more on that another, time.


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A campaign of another kind

September 2, 2008 at 6:38 am

There are always a lot of able companies and freelancers for hire to help you reach large numbers of potential book buyers. I’ve hired and continue to hire some of the best in the business. In fact, it’s not unusual to have dropped 8K on an email campaign with two goals in mind: 1) catapult a book to bestseller status, and 2) SELL the heck out of the book.

I’m here to share with you the homemade version. A simple recipe for proliferating awareness and subsequent sales that could make anything from a dent to a huge impact on your book.

Case in point: Get the Life You Want by Richard Bandler. 

Keep in mind, because Richard Bandler has a huge following worldwide (being the ‘father’ and cocreator of NLP), this illustration is a tad grander than what you might be able to do. I would still let it inspire you.

Weeks back, at HCI, we devised a plan that would “go viral” and evoke critical mass as Get the Life You Want became available. We picked the week that Dr. Bandler would appear in Las Vegas for a free lecture (Sept. 5) and the week that his monthly newsletter would go out.

The tools needed for the project: 1) a good (e)mailing list; 2) a great letter; and, 3) plenty of books stocked at (which is the trickiest part of the equation). And, in Bandler’s case, some high profile colleagues with high trafficked websites.

The letter in question was from Richard himself. He invited his “peeps” to join with him to create a bestseller. In so many words. Naturally, before getting to that brazen point, he made a good case for why. Not to mention that the book has been highly anticipated, the author not having published a book in the United States for 10 years. So, the conditions were ideal. 

The next “call to action” Bandler requested is the clincher. Not only did he request the letter recipient to purchase a book or two or three on the exact dates of September 2, 3 or 4, he asked them to email the same letter (with their own personal note attached) to the recipient’s email list. Think about it. Multiply the number of people on your list and exponentially you could reach a ton of people

Oh, and the first 25 people to email (me) get an autographed copy of the book from the author. Another juicy detail.

In the case of this book, 500 NLP trainers were emailed twice. The NLP website ( carried the message of the book-buying week and also news of the Las Vegas free event. So did the websites of some colleagues. Twenty-five thousand people who get the NLP newsletter were informed of this campaign just today. This is where things really began to rock and roll.

Even though you’re reading this on Tuesday, as I write this on Monday, September 1, a day before the campaign should take hold, the amazon rankings are already stellar. The overall ranking is #56 and Get the Life You Want is #1 in Psychology & Counseling, #3 in Motivational books, and #6 in Personal Transformation. These all fall under the broader “Health, Mind & Body” category. Do I mind that people appear to have jumped the gun? Not one bit!

I’m ecstatic to see how the week unfolds. And, the best news…it’s a really great book!

Remember, when I toss around that trusty old term “platform” time and again (and again, and again, and again), one of the components of a great one is a healthy mailing list — meaning up to date, sizable and inclusive of names that are compatible with your subject matter. An “e” mailing list to be specific. If yours isn’t going to reach 25,000 people at the moment, just consider every opportunity  to try and grow your list. When you do so, just be sure that you get permission to send emails so you don’t find yourself in any legal situation over spam.

Every name you add can represent a host of others. Consider them recruits. But, be judicious with your lists and do unto recruits as you’d have recruits do unto you. Be considerate. Be kind.

Don’t be a pest. Make people look forward to hearing from you.

All my best!

p.s. don’t feel left out…it isn’t too late to join in the fun. See what all the fuss is about and get your own Bandler book from!

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A lover of words, and my good friend is gone

August 28, 2008 at 6:40 am

Hu Pryor - 1916-2008

Hu Pryor - 1916-2008

There was an adorably written, short manuscript  called “The Habitat Under My Hat” that I hand delivered to the editorial department and then my boss for a remote possibility of publication.   Although I knew there wasn’t really a place for it on the HCI list, I thought it was an enjoyable enough read to share.

And, the author was my friend.

You never know.

And then, The Habitat Under My Hat, went missing. The author asked for it to be returned several times and I awkwardly made excuses while prodding my co-workers to dig around for it.  This went on for months.

Then, one Friday, I got a call from upstairs telling me that the blessed manuscript was found and would be returned pronto. What a relief. It’s one thing to lose property of a stranger but when it belongs to your friend and it’s the only copy in the universe, you feel kind of bad.

But, not as bad as I would feel a few days later.

My dear author friend would never retrieve his lost book proposal.

Two weeks before, Hu Pryor passed away. He was 92.

I met Hu browsing in a church bookstore in Delray Beach, waiting for my  minister friend, Cathy, to finish her sermon and accompany me to lunch. He was tall, distinguished, and we hit it off immediately.  I was in publishing. He was a writer.  Even with a gap in age of 39 years, there was a lot to talk about.

He enjoyed my company, I think, because it kept him “plugged in” to the buzzing world of book publishing. I enjoyed his for many reasons but mostly because the stories of his life fascinated me. They took me around the world and into the offices of some legendary periodicals.

He was also the exact age of my late father, and was sharp as a tack until the end.

Hu was born in Argentina, educated in Buenos Aires and in England and began his career as a South American correspondent of the United Press. He worked in the U.S. for the NY Herald Tribune, was senior editor at Look magazine and also edited at Science Digest.

What impressed me even more was that he held the editor’s post at Modern Maturity magazine, a publication that has since been renamed AARP magazine. As a publicist, this is one of the brass rings we aim for because of its mega-circulation, the largest of any magazine. (No, my friendship with Hu never got me a book review or a story!)

Hu continued his journalism career (as a Florida retiree) contributing columns to the Palm Beach Daily News (affectionately know here as “The Shiney Sheet”) up until his death. His mind was not only sharp, it was still flexible like that of a much younger person.

We’d trade stories about books and current events and veered off into the mysterious terrain of metaphysics. He knew and read a lot on the subject and contributed his own philosophy in a book called Soul Talk: Positive Mind Treatments to Turn Your Life Around. He marveled more than once at how since going out of print, his book had been up for sale on an online book site for over $50.00. That tickled him.

He made an appearance on a great little tv show, The God Squad hosted by a priest and a rabbi (who walked into a bar… no, not really, sorry!) and his book was written about, more than once on a site called

On July 9, my birthday, I called Hu to see if he’d meet me for a birthday meal. That’s the last time I would talk to him.

Not knowing what had happened, I kept emailing and leaving telephone messages.  It wasn’t that unusual to hear nothing from Hu for a short while. Then, in early August, as I had done a few times before, I held my breath and googled the name “Hubert Pryor.”  My worst fear materialized because this time an obituary appeared on the screen.  A lovely tribute from AARP to this great man I called my friend.

On July 15, Hu passed away.

I often picture him arriving to meet me for lunch at one of the local bistros walking with a determined forward lean carrying a navy blue windbreaker and a briefcase filled with ideas. And, they were often very good.

Especially, when they rhymed. (Hu’s specialty)

I will miss you dear old friend. I only wish I got to say goodbye.


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