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Where is the loyalty? What does an author owe his/her publisher?

October 3, 2008 at 6:41 am

Loyalty? Where is it exactly?

An author gets launched by a small to mid-sized publisher. They receive a goodly sum (not a greatly one) up front to begin their first foray into bookdom.

Those of you who have been published, or are trying, know that the first time you get published is a tremendous breakthrough. If you figure that over 400,000 books get published in a year, the odds against it happening are pretty good.

Once you’re in, you’ve officially entered the elite “club” of published authors. You will be regarded as that whenever you write your second book. You have now not only begun to journey down the road to a published book, you are simultaneously creating a track record, history.

When you knock on the door of publishing for book number two, you will be allowed in. You’ll get the ear and/or the eyes of someone there.  Know that you are tremendously lucky.  Most people never make it through that door. Thank goodness that self-publishing is gaining credibility.

It’s an interesting question to ask, whether or not a first time author owes a debt to his publisher when embarking on future books. The publisher has virtually gambled on an unknown and invested time, energy, and money on it. The new author has the gift of the publisher’s trust.

So, when said author and said publisher come to book number two and said author is courted away with bigger dollars by new mega-publisher, what’s an author to do? After all, business is business. 

Oh, really?

I think there isn’t one pat answer for this question but there are things to be considered. How well was the author treated by his/her first publisher? How well did the book do in the marketplace? Realistically, the latter question is tricky in that first book successes may not equate with bestseller status.

Many a career is launched by a publisher who’s willing to take a chance on a new author. And, many an author waves bye bye when the career engine begins to rev up. 

It all comes down to book sales, really. A big fat advance isn’t always better. But, I’m sure it feels that way when the check hits the bank account. Not to mention the ego edification that goes along with it. (But remember, if you don’t earn out your advance, you may not be invited back to the party for book number 3!)

Think about it. We all need to pay our rent. Times are particularly challenging for our pocketbooks. What is really fair. Or does fair even matter?

The only things I know for sure are:

Whenever we do anything with money as our primary motivator we are setting ourselves up for trouble. That is, unless, of course, we move through our life disconnected to our hearts. Many do. It doesn’t look very appealing to me. And, I’m a big fan of money.

When we do come from our hearts and operate from a place of passion and meaning, the rewards we experience are far more satisfying than those that the mighty dollar can buy.

Loyalty. It’s a good question to ask. In the cold coffers of the world called “business” where does it fit? 

I know in my life, in my heart, in my job, it’s front and center.

How about you?

Note: I promise to post more yummy Peace Village photos over the weekend.

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A bit of mystical Italy comes to Miami – outsiders, it’s still worth reading!

November 12, 2008 at 11:27 am

Mid week, I am delivering an un-bookly post to inform you of an intriguing event happening in Miami. If you’re not a South Florida dweller, I invite you still to click on the links so that you might travel to a mystical place in Italy called, “Damanhur“. They do publish books in Italian, so those out there that speak the language  – you can indulge.  I hope to add some spiffy graphics to this post as they day goes on so you may want to check back. I’m attending the “Concert of the Plants” event and will be sure to report on the musicality of our shrubs, houseplants and forests. Now, I find that worth the price of admission! Enjoy!

Tomorrow (11/14), from 7pm to 10pm, Miami’s top artists, educators, environmentalists, community leaders and media will gather to welcome special representatives of The Federation of Damanhur. The world’s largest intentional eco-community, Damanhur featured in February 2008 on ABC’s Good Morning America has chosen Miami Beach as the community’s main North American hub for their educational programs and events.

The first event, Damanhur Reception and Music of the Plants, will be held at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The program will include a magical concert of the plants utilizing one of Damanhur’s revolutionary technologies that converts the energy of the plants and translates it into music, a short video of Damanhur and open conversation with the Damanhurian Ambassadors, Crotalo Sesamo and Shama Viola.

“We are thrilled to be opening up a center in Miami,” said Crotalo Sesamo. “As part of our first program we’ll be creating a spiral stone labyrinth which will become a permanent interactive art installation at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, our gift to the community.”

Damanhur has city centers all over the world in countries such as Italy, France, Austria, Japan, Germany and Croatia. Founded in 1975 and located in northwestern Italy, the federation of Damanhur (“the city of light”) has been described as one of the largest and most successful advanced technological intentional eco-villages in the world. Damanhur is a Federation of Communities with a continuously evolving social and political structure. They are also renowned for building the largest underground temple in the world. The Temples of Humankind at Damanhur are an extraordinary work of art that has been described as an “Eight Wonder of the World”.

A United Nations award- winning sustainable community, Damanhur is an eco-society based upon ethical and spiritual values, esoteric traditions and modern research. The world which they speak about is surrounded and motivated by the beauty of art, guided daily by spiritual purpose, and a commitment to manifesting the Damanhur dream; the successes of their ideals manifested as a living reality ignite hope for the future of humanity and for the realization of a diverse and unified peaceable planet.

For more information, contact: Fredda Psaltis: (

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