Stop and Smell the Sunrise, and Embrace
Life with Awe and Gratitude

"As beautiful as it is moving and as moving as it is wondrous. Weiss reminds us all of the magic of things that happen every day and that all too often we take for granted."

—M.J. Rose, NY Times bestselling author

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Breathe in the splendor of gratefulness through 52 amazing sunrises and sunsets

Have you been looking for a simple way to unwind and reflect on the natural beauty of life?

A magical way to do this is right at your fingertips through a stunning new book by acclaimed publicist and photographer, Kim Weiss.

Sunrise Sunset – 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, shares glorious photographs of the morning and evening sun captured from the same vantage point—the 14th floor terrace of Ms. Weiss’ South Florida high-rise from which she can see the sun rise and set each day.

Connect with the awesome glory that shines upon you each day

In addition to its breathtaking photography, Sunrise Sunset is complemented by meditations, passages, poetry, reflections and contemplations from some the most beloved inspirational leaders of our time:

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Feel deeper gratitude and thanks through a sunset’s priceless beauty

As a present to others or yourself, Sunrise Sunset is the ultimate way to pause, reflect and say “thank you” for the gift of life that shines its luminous light upon us at the beginning and end of each day.

"Kim Weiss captures all the sweet wonder of sun-scattered skies in her gorgeous book of original photographs,” raves contributor and best-selling author, Lisa McCourt.

“The heartfelt musings that accompany each image add a layer of depth to this stunning debut. I'm so honored to be a part of it."

Relish this tribute to the breathtaking beauty we can behold every day

The awe-inspiring photographs and heartfelt passages in Sunrise Sunset will stir your soul and guide you to a place that will:

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Praise from the iconic film and stage actor Kirk Douglas:

More praise for Sunrise Sunset!

"If you enjoy the Sunrise and the Sunset...and love to practice Gratitude, you'll want to check out my great friend, Kim Weiss, and her new book with inspirational writings from a number of well-known people including Jack Canfield, Marcy Shimoff, Gloria Loring, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.
and many more."

—Bob Burg, bestselling author and speaker

"If you love sunsets and sunrises, you'll love this book—filled with beautiful images and incredible inspiration..."

—John Kremer. Publisher and book marketing expert

"I am excited to be featured in this book along with Don Miguel Ruiz and quite a few other notable authors... I invite you to check out the beautiful photography of Kim Weiss."

—Jacob Nordby, author

"People often ask me; Frank, why do you work from an oceanfront Treehouse? I have many answers, but one primary reason is no two ocean scapes are ever the same. Kim Weiss has captured this same essence in her book. It is replete with glorious photographs of different days and different suns captured from the very same vantage point, the very same terrace."

—Frank McKinney, bestselling author and rock star realtor

"Almost everyone enjoys the beauty of a sunrise and sunset..... an amazing new book is coming soon in time for a perfect holiday gift (and I know my mother will enjoy it) with quotes of inspiration and more. Thanks to author Kim Weiss—she has captured 52 Weeks of awe(some) photos and gratitude for us!"

Sue Scheff, author

"The beautiful and inspirational Kim Weiss has a new book out. You can marvel at it right here."

—Judymay Murphy, author

"Kim Weiss has one of the most beautiful views in town from the terrace of her high-rise condominium that overlooks the city, the intra-coastal waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean and she has been capturing sunrises and sunsets with her camera and …somehow, by the grace of God, I was thrown into the mix and have the great honor of being included in the project."

—Melissa Applegate, author

"Kim Weiss is one of those multi-talented people who inspires you with her many wonderful projects and delightful undertakings in the world. Her new book Sunrise Sunset features her most beautiful photographs which are sure to warm your heart and fill you with gratitude for the simple things in life.”

—Joanne McCall, The Media Polisher

Relax and feel gratitude within an oasis of spiritual awakening

Although shot from the same vantage point, every gorgeous photograph in Sunrise Sunset reveals a diversity of colors, shapes, textures and majestic beauty.

The reflections and meditations that accompany them from some of today’s most enlightened minds will move you to a deeper knowing of how we are all interconnected by nature.

Sunrise Sunset is a welcomed step away from
the harshness and anger in the world today.

Just in time for the holidays, this small colorful gem serves as a shining reminder that through uplifting thoughts and nature’s magnificence, we all have the power to send out ripples of gratitude that can have a profound impact on the world.

Furthering the book’s spirit of appreciation and gratitude, Kim Weiss is
graciously donating a portion of the proceeds from Sunrise Sunset to
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) in Delray Beach, Florida.


Kim Weiss has been a publicist in the book industry for many years and coaches other writers aspiring to be bestselling authors. From her 14th floor terrace she witnesses the beauty of nature and captures it through the lens of her camera. As a storyteller, Kim has contributed to the hugely popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Ultimate Bird Lover with 'America's Vet' Marty Becker. You can also find Kim's stories and photos in Arielle Ford's acclaimed book, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul.

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